Configure Windows Live Mail with Gmail Account


This article is about how to integrate the Gmail account with the WINDOWS Live mail desktop application. Windows Live mail has options to integrate any mail account with it; we go over steps to integrate a Gmail account as it provides both IMAP and POP3 configurations.


Step 1: Go to Programs ->  Windows Live Mail; it will open a window as shown below.


Step 2: Go to File ->  Option ->  Email Accounts as shown below; it will open a dialog box where we have option the to Add or Delete the email account.

Step 3: Click on ADD; it will open a window; on that select EMAIL then it will open the dialog as shown below. Give your Gmail credentials like Username, Password, and Display name. Display Name will not affect the Gmail account user name. Before you do this step go to your Gmail account Click the Settings link in Gmail, and the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab: choose Enable IMAP, and click the Save Changes button.

Step 4: Click on Next button. It will open a window for configuring with the server for incoming and outgoing mails as shown in the following screen. Just copy all the information as shown in the following screen since this is common to all Gmail accounts.

Step 5: Clicking the Next button will finish the configuration and you will then see the account added.


Hope this will be helpful for you.... In a similar way you can configure any account with Windows Live Mail.