Allow Accessing IIS Express WCF Service From Another Machine

Sometimes we want to allow WCF service to use the IP address and port to access it from another machine;  then you need to configure IIS Express.

Let’s see the steps

Firstly, we need to get the IP address of our local machine. For that open a command prompt window and run the ipconfig command to look up a valid local IP address for your machine like the following image.


Next open the “applicationhost.config” file for IIS Express. This file is located in the following subdirectory of your user profile directory like the following image.

C:\Users\Windows Phone\Documents\IISExpress\config


In applicationhost.config find the site element for your WCF service and add a new binding element for the port using the IP address you noted above. Then save the applicationhost.config file.

Now updated site element look similar to the following image.

updated site element

Now run your service and access from another machine. You can check it yourself,  open notification icons and select IIS Express icon. You can see your WCF service looks like the following image.



If you are facing firewall problems you need to go to firewall settings and create a new port rule to allow the connections to the port.

For more details follow technet source.

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