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  • Beginner's Guide to Windows Communication Foundation

    This article starts by explaining the motivation for service-orientation, and then continues to discuss in depth how to develop service-oriented applications using WCF.
  • Basics Of WCF Security

    This article is all about the basics of the WCF Security; in other words, this is the starting point of diving into the WCF Security concepts.
  • Instance Context Mode in WCF

    This article will show Instance Context modes in WCF. The WCF framework has defined the following three Instance Context modes: PerCall, PerSession, and Single.
  • WCF Tracing FAQ

    In this article, we will look how we can trace and debug information in WCF services. There are some ready made tracelisteners provided by WCF. The base of these ready made trace listeners is .NET tra
  • WCF FAQ Part 3 - 10 Security Related FAQ

    In this article, we will start with transport and message security understanding. We will then see simple code samples of how to implement transport and message security using WsHTTP bindings. We will
  • Windows Communication Foundation FAQ: Part II

    In this article, we will run through a quick FAQ for WCF. I am sure after reading this you will get a good understanding of the fundamentals of WCF.
  • Windows Communication Foundation(WCF) FAQ: Part I

    WCF is a part of .NET 3.0.“. WCF is a unification technology, which unites the following technologies like NET remoting, MSMQ, Web services, COM+.
  • WCF FAQ: Part 5 - Transactions

    This is my 5th WCF FAQ article. This article is completely dedicated to WCF transactions. In this article we will understand the WCF transaction protocol, two phases in WCF transaction, transaction op
  • Consume a Custom WCF Service in a Console Application

    In this article, you will see how to consume the custom WCF service in a Console Application.
  • WCF Concurrency (Single, Multiple and Reentrant) and Throttling

    In this article, we will concentrate on WCF concurrency and throttling. We will first try to understand what are WCF concurrency and the 3 important types of WCF concurrency. We will then see a small
  • Hosting WCF Service Under a Local IIS

    In this article, we will see how to host a WCF service under IIS (Internet Information Services).
  • WCF: Reliable Messaging

    In this article, I will explain what reliable messaging is and how it’s implemented in a WCF web service.
  • Programmatically Creating Proxy of the WCF Service Client Application Without Adding Service Refe...

    In this exercise we will see how to design a proxy using APIs provided by WCF.
  • WCF Basics

    This simple tutorial shows how to get started with WCF.
  • WCF Example in C#

    In this article we will learn about WCF services with an example.
  • Host WCF Websocket Service as Windows Service

    Here in this article we will learn how to host a WCF Websocket service as a Windows service.
  • Fault Contract in WCF

    This article describes how we can handle errors in a WCF service using Fault Contract.
  • Windows Communication Foundation callback

    This article is intended to illustrate how to implement callback operations in WCF through a common business scenario where the service needs to notify that some events has happened to the client. Dur
  • WCF Method Overloading

    How do you do Method Overloading in WCF? In this article,I am using Visual Studio 2008 building a WCF service and for simplicity, NET TCP Binding is used.
  • WCF Performance Tuning

    WCF is a programming platform which is allows us to build, configure and deploy the network distributed services. Learn point that can help us to improve the performance of WCF.
  • How to Debug a WCF Service Hosted in Windows Service

    This article shows how we can debug a WCF Service in Visual Studio which is hosted in a Windows Service with netTcpBinding.  
  • WCF Using NetTcpBinding

    This article is about implementing WCF using NetTcpBinding. NetTcpBinding can be useful where IIS services are not needed.
  • An Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

    This article introduces the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).
  • Binding In WCF: Part 11

    In this article, we learn what is binding and how we can implement binding in WCF.
  • Centralize Exception Handling in WCF: Part 10

    In this article, we will learn how to implement centralized exception handling in WCF using IErrorHandler interface.
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