Turn ON Hyper-V Manager in Windows 8


In this article, we are explaining how to enable the Hyper-V Manager in Windows 8. Hyper-V is part of the desktop version of Windows. This tool is available in the Windows features dialog. In the Windows features dialog, you can enable Hyper-V Manager in Windows 8. Windows 8 provides new features for Hyper-V. Hyper-V is the virtualization of Windows. If you are running the 32-bit version of Windows then your processor does not support the virtualization hardware. 
Windows 8 provides the Hyper-V Manager for deploying the virtual server. It helps you manage multiple servers. Windows 8 provides the Microsoft Virtualization Manager. If you use the Hyper-V then you do not have to switch the Windows 8 server. Hyper-V is based on the Virtualization System for x86-64. Windows 8 Hyper-V provides the sleep or Hibernate option. So this option is not available in Windows Server 2008 R2.

Steps How to Enable Hyper-V Manager in Windows 8

Step 1
You move your mouse to the bottom-right and click on the search as shown below.
Step 2
In the search box, you can type the name "Control Panel" and click on the Control Panel.
Step 3
In the Control Panel, you click the drop-down menu arrow in the category tab and select the "Large Icons".
Step 4
In this step, you click on "Programs and Features".
Step 5
You move the cursor to the bottom-left corner and click on "Turn Windows Features on or Off".
Step 6
In this step, if you want to turn on Hyper-V then you click on the checkbox. If you want to turn off Hyper-V features then you clear its checkbox. If you filled the checkbox, this means that only part of the features are on and click on OK Button.
Step 7
In this step, you will see the processing window.
Step 8
In this step, you will see the confirmation message that Hyper-V in Windows 8 has been enabled.
Step 9
In this step, you will see the Hyper-V icons on Windows 8 Metro UI Screen.


In this article, we learned about Turn ON Hyper-V Manager in Windows 8.