SharePoint Groups and Page Level Permission in SharePoint 2013

This article explains:

  • Creating groups inside SharePoint
  • Add users into group
  • Assign permissions
  • Page level permission
  • Viewing and hiding pages for specific group users

So first we explain how to create user groups in SharePoint 2013.

Open the site already created.

Go to the site's settings.

Click on Site permission.

Click Create Group.

So now I will create two groups named HR and IT.

Provide the name of the SharePoint group as “HR”.

Assign the Group Owner. Here I assigned “Administrator" as a group owner.

Here I will set the permission level for the group members.

Now I just decide "Read" level for all the group members.

Click Create.

Now the HR group has been created successfully.

I will pull the users into the group after creating the IT Group.

So now both the IT and HR groups have been created.

We have created two users named Domain\HR and Domain\IT.

Click on New.

Add users to the group.

Click Share.

Now the user have been added successfully to the group.

So now to set the page level access for the two group users.

So here create two new pages.

Now set the permission for the page.

Only the HR Group users will be able to access the HR Page.

Only IT Group users will be able to access the IT Page.

Click on the Page tab on the page.

Select Page level permission.

Stop Inheriting Permissions.

Remove all the default permissions inherited from the parent site.

Here I provide access for only the HR Group.

Remove the other permissions.

In the IT Page only add IT Group members.

Now we check the IT Group user account Domain\IT.

Have fun when viewing and hiding pages.

So the HR page is not visible to IT members.

Do the same for webparts. You can hide webparts for specific users.