Create a Windows To Go Workspace in Windows 8 Enterprise


In this article, we are going to explain how to create a Windows To Go workspace in Windows 8 Enterprise. In Windows 8, Windows To Go is an Enterprise feature that allows you to create a windows installation on a USB stick or other mass storage device and run it wherever you go.

Procedure and requirements to create a Windows To Go workspace

Step 1
First, we go to Windows 8 setting search field and type "windows to go", and open it.
Step 2
Then we select the portable media and create the Windows To Go workspace on it.
Select the minimum size of the 32GB drive.
Step 3
Now just choose the system image. We will probably need to use the "Add search location" button and point to the directory that it is stored in.
Step 4
After this process, we select "BitLocker" security on this workstation.
Step 5
Now just confirm that you are okay with the USB drive being formatted, and click "Create".
Step 6
It requires about 15 minutes to complete the process.
Step 7
The last page of the Windows To Go creation wizard will ask you whether or not you want Windows To Go workspaces to automatically boot when inserted. This affects the physical system only and not the USB drive.


In this article, we learned about Create a Windows To Go Workspace in Windows 8 Enterprise.