How to Create a Password Recovery Disk in Windows 8


Windows 8 provides many more features that make Windows 8 more attractive and easier to use than earlier the Windows operating system. Hence creating a password recovery disk is one of the most important and useful features of them. If you think that you may forget your password to login to your PC  then this article could be helpful to you in the future whenever you encounter a situation where you enter your system password incorrectly or have forgotten it.
So in this article, we will learn how to create a password recovery disk in the Windows 8 operating system.

How to create a password recovery disk in Windows 8?

Step 1
First of all, we have to move to the Start screen window of Windows 8.
startup-window-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 2
Then move the cursor onto the bottom-right of the window screen and click the search box which is helpful to search in Windows 8.
search-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 3
Then in the search box type "Password Reset" and click on SETTINGS.
password-reset-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 4
Now just click on "create password reset disk" which displays on the left side of the screen.
create-password-reset-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 5
On performing this task a setup wizard screen will appear called "Forgotten Password Wizard".
forget-password-wizard-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 6
Now just click NEXT after inserting a USB flash drive into your PC.
click-forget-password-wizard-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 7
Now select the USB drive by clicking on the drop-down arrow and then click next.
set-forget-password-wizard-in-windows 8.jpg.png
Step 8
Then enter the "current password" then click next then wait for a few seconds for the process to complete then click next.
enter-password-wizard-in-windows 8.jpg.png
Step 9
Finally, you will see the message saying "you have successfully created a password reset disk" then click FINISH.
complete-forget-password-wizard-in-windows 8.jpg.png
It is not necessary for you to create a new password recovery disk every time you change the password on your PC. You need just have to create this only once.


In this article, we learned about How to Create a Password Recovery Disk in Windows 8.