Delete a Site Page in SharePoint Online

In my previous article we learned how to Create a SharePoint Site Page, in this article I would like to share the procedure for deleting a site page in SharePoint.

Procedure to delete a Site page

Use the following procedure to delete a page.

Step 1

Go to your site and click on site contents from your left navigation as shown below:

site contents from sharepoint
Step 2

On the site content page you can see “site pages” under the Lists, Libraries and other Apps section and then click on the site pages to delete a page as shown below:

site pages

Step 3

When you click on the site pages you will be navigated to the site pages, where you can delete a site page.

site pages in sharepoint
Step 4

Then select a page to delete as shown below:

select a page to delete in sharepoint

Step 5

Select the “File” command from the top ribbon bar as in the following:

file option

Step 6

Click on the delete document from your top ribbon bar as shown below:

delete document from your sharepoint

Step 7

When you click on delete document, you will get the confirmation pop-up for deleting the document. Then click on the “Ok” button:

confirmation pop up

Finally the page will be deleted from your site.

delete site page in sharepoint

In this article we explored how to delete a SharePoint site page. Happy Learning.