Anonymous Authentication in SharePoint 2013


SharePoint 2013 supports anonymous authentication. Users can access SharePoint content without validating their credentials. You use anonymous authentication when you use SharePoint 2013 to publish content that is available for all users such as public internet websites.

Anonymous authentication is disabled by default, you can enable it but you will need to configure anonymous access on sites and sites resources

To enable anonymous access

1. Go to Central Administration, under the Application Management section, click the “Manage web applications” link.

2. Select the web application you want to enable the anonymous access for then click on the “Authentication Providers” button available in the Ribbon.

3. In the modal click on the "Default" zone and when "Edit Authentication" modal shows check "Enable Anonymous Access".

4. Navigate to one of the site collections you created under the web application then go to Site Settings and click on "Site Permissions".

5. Click on "Anonymous Access" in the Ribbon then when the modal shows select "Entire Web Site".

Now anonymous access is enabled on the Web Application and the Site collection.

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Happy coding.