How to Set Item Level Permission Using SharePoint Designer 2010 Work Flow

There are situations where we want to set item level permission dynamically whenever an item is added to a SharePoint list. Here we can see a demo of a SharePoint designer workflow to achieve the same.

Here I am taking the scenario, when an item is added to the list I want to set the permission only to the user who created it and to the owners of the list. In SharePoint 2007, we have to go for an event handler but in SharePoint Designer 2010, we can write a custom workflow to do it.

1. For the startup I have created a list as shown in the following, named Ticket:


2. Open the SharePoint designer and click on the work flow and select the list (Ticket):


3. Give a name to the work flow:


4. Select Impersonation from the ribbon as shown below:

5. You will get a screen like below:


6. Select Action from Ribbon and choose Replace item level permission from the menu:


7. You will get a screen like as shown below. Click on the order as I show in the figure:


8. You can click on Add to add owners also to the list:


9. We are done with the workflow. Now we can test our workflow. I am just adding an item to test the work flow:


10. Click on the item we created now and select manager permissions:


11. You can see the Owner group and the user who created the item is added to the permission of the item and all other users and groups are removed from that particular list item: