SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) - Connection Managers in SSIS


This article is about the various connection managers available in SSIS packaging and the purpose of each transformation. We have 17 different connection managers across the SSIS packaging in order to use it for different purposes.
You can look into my series of article on SSIS at the url - http://f5debug.net/all-articles/

List of Connection Managers:

S No


Short Description


ADO Used to connect to ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) objects, like a recordset.


ADO.NET Used to access data sources by using a .NET provider and Microsoft SQL Server and XML


Cache Used to read data from the cached server or from a cache file(.caw) so that the data is stored in the memory.


Excel Used to connect to an existing Microsoft Excel workbook file for both Source and Destination processing of package


File Used to connect to an existing file or to create a new file and use as a source or a destination.


FlatFile Used to connect to a Flat file which acts like a source or a destination for the package to access and process the data across the platform.


FTP Used to connect to a File Transfer Protocol Server to fetch the data or to update the data to the server.


HTTP Used to access the webserver using the Hyper text transfer protocol to send and receive files across the servers


MSMQ Used to connect to the Microsoft Message queuing server to access the messages as a source or to update the message as a destination


MultiFile Used to reference to the existing file or folders or to create a new file and use it as a reference at runtime.


MultiFlatFile Used to access the file using the flat file as multiple data source like using inside a loop container to loop through the file and access the data


OLEDB Used to connect to the different data source using the OLEDB provider specifically used to connect to Microsoft SQL Server.


ODBC Used to connect to different relational database system using the open connectivity provider


SMOServer Used to connect to a SQL Management server objects to access for as a source or to update as a destination


SMTP Used to connect to a Simple Mail transfer Protocol server to access and send mail or to receive mails


SQL Compact Used to connect to SQL Server Compact database for light weight accessing of the server.


WMI Used to connect to the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) in order to connect to the enterprise server for management.


So in this article we have seen about the various connection managers used in the SSIS Packaging.


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