Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2016

By on Nov 03 2016
In this book, we explain how SQL Server 2016 incorporates in-memory technology to boost performance in online transactional processing (OLTP), data-warehouse solutions and lots more.
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This book is for a person, who has an interest in SQL Server 2016 and want to understand its capabilities. Many new improvements have been made in SQL Server 2016, but in a book of this size, we cannot cover every improvement in its entirety-or cover every feature, which distinguishes SQL Server from the other databases or SQL Server 2016 compared to previous versions. You must be having some familiarity with SQL Server already. You might be a database administrator (DBA), an Application Developer, a business intelligence Solution Architect, a Power User or a technical Decision Maker. Regardless of your role, we hope that you can use this book to discover the features in SQL Server 2016, which are beneficial for you.
Table Of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 Faster queries
    • In-Memory OLTP enhancements
    • In-memory analytics
    • Analysis Services enhancements
  • Chapter 2 Better security
    • Always Encrypted
    • Row-Level Security
    • Dynamic data masking
  • Chapter 3 Higher availability
    • AlwaysOn Availability Groups
    • Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview high-availability enhancements
  • Chapter 4 Improved database engine
    • TempDB enhancements
    • Query Store
    • Stretch Database
  • Chapter 5 Broader data access
    • Temporal data
    • JSON
    • PolyBase
  • Chapter 6 More analytics
    • Tabular enhancements
    • R integration
  • Chapter 7 Better reporting
    • Report content types
    • Paginated report development enhancements
    • Mobile report development
    • KPI development
    • Report access enhancements
  • Chapter 8 Improved Azure SQL Database
    • Introduction to SQL Database
    • SQL Database security
    • Elastic database features
  • Chapter 9 Introducing Azure SQL Data Warehouse
    • Introduction to SQL Data Warehouse
    • Security
    • Scalability
    • Data loads
    • Statistics for SQL Data Warehouse
    • Integration options
  • About the authors



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