Windows Azure: Add a New Co-Admin User Account in Azure Portal


In this article we are going to see how to add a new user account as a service administrator using the Azure Management Portal.


The basic purpose of this article is to give an overview of why an additional account is required as an admin. Normally a site admin who takes care of all required day-to-day processes can now be scheduled among a group of users as sub-admins or co-admins. We will see how to add a co-admin for the present subscription. Let's jump start to see the step by step process of how to add the Co-Admin user.


Login to the Windows Azure portal using the following link and we will see the screen as shown below:


Provide your login credentials by clicking on the Sign in to Management Portal as highlighted in the above screen; after succesful login we will redirected to a nice interface as shown in the screen below:


Click in the Hosted Services, Storage Account and CDN option of the left Menu as shown in the screen below:


Now click on User Management Menu at the left of the screen as shown below. We will get the current user information (Service Administrator info).


Now to add a new Co-Admin click on the Add New Co-Admin button on the top left corner as shown in the screen below:


We can see a pop-up window requesting the Co-administrators Windows Live ID and the subscription to which we are going to add the Co-Admin as shown in the screen below:


Provide the Co-admin's Windows Live id and select the Subscription check box as shown in the screen below and click on the OK button.


The process will take some time to load the new Co-Admin and we will see the progress as shown in the screen below:


Once the process has completed we will see the new Co-Admin added to the present subscription as highlighted in the screen below. We will see the Access Role of the newly created user is Co-Administrator.



So in this article we have seen how to create a new Co-Administrator to the current subscription in the Azure Management Portal.