Configure Firewall to Support FTP Site on IIS


In this article you will learn how to configure a Firewall to support a FTP Site in IIS.

Through this article we will configure the Firewall so that the FTP Server can be enabled to receive a Passive Data Connection form the Firewall.

Step 1

First of all open your Administrative Tools from the Start Menu.

ftp firewall1.jpg

Now your Administrator Tools will be opened, among these tools you will find an option named "IIS Manager", double click on this option to open it.

ftp firewall2.jpg

Step 2

On the left hand side you will see that a pane is provided named "Connection pane", in this Connection pane your server name will be provided. Single-click on this Server Name to open it.

ftp firewall3.jpg

Step 3

Now in the FTP Features View an option will be available named "FTP Firewall Support", double-click on this option to open it.

ftp firewall4.jpg

Step 4

Now the Firewall Support Page will be opened, here you will see that two Text Boxes are provided, one for the port and another for the IP Address.

ftp firewall5.jpg

Now provide the Range of Ports for the Data Channel Port Range, but remember that you can't provide the range between 0 and 1024 since these ports are reserved ports.

ftp firewall6.jpg

Step 5

After providing the Port Range and IP Address, click on the "Apply" button provided in the Connection Pane.

ftp firewall7.jpg