How to Configure Request Filtering Settings For Your FTP Site


In this article you will learn how to configure a Request Filtering Setting for your FTP Site.

Step 1

First of all open your Administrative Tools from the Start Menu.

ftp firewall1.jpg

Now your Administrator Tools will be opened, among these tools you will find an option named "IIS Manager", double-click on this option to open it.

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Step 2

On the left hand side you will see that a pane is provided named "Connections", in this Connections pane your server name will be shown. Single-click on this server name to open it.

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Step 3

Now in the FTP Features View an option will be available named "FTP Request Filtering", double-click on this feature to open it.

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Now the File Request Filtering page will be opened, on this page click on the Tab named File Name Extension, click on this Tab. This Tab will help you to filter the data based File Name Extension.

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Step 4

After clicking the tab, go to the Action Pane, in the action pane two options will be available; the first is "Allow File Name Extension" and the second is "Deny File Name Extension", since first you need to add a file extension, click on the first button, in other words "Allow File Name Extension".

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As you click on "Allow File Name Extension..." a box will be opened that will allow you to provide the extension on which you wants to Filter the Data. Provide the Extension of Data and click on O.K button.

ftp request5.jpg

Step 5

Now you will see that under the "File Name Extensions" tab File Extension is Added and it's Status is shown as True.

ftp request7.jpg

Now click on the second tab named "Hidden Segments", this tab filters the data based on URL Segment. URL Segment can be a folder name.

ftp request8.jpg

Step 6

After clicking on the Tab go to the Action pane, in the Action pane click on "Add Hidden Segment".

ftp request9.jpg

Now again a box will be opened where you need to provide the Folder Name and then click on the "OK" button.

ftp request10.jpg

Again you will see under the Hidden Segment Tab that this Folder Name is added under it.

ftp request11.jpg

Step 7

Now click on the third tab, in other words "Denied URL Sequences", under this tab, Filtration is done that is based on URL Sequences.

ftp request12.jpg

Now go to the Action Pane and click on the Add URL Sequence, this will again open a box in which you can provide the URL Sequence.

ftp request13.jpg

Step 8

The last tab is named "Command" and this tab does the filtering based on commands provided.

ftp request14.jpg

After clicking on the tab, again go to the Action pane and click on the "Allow Command" button to provide the command for filtering.

ftp request15.jpg

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