Passport Size Image in Photoshop


In this article you will learn how to make a passport-sized photo in Photoshop.

Initial image:

past size.jpg

Final image:


First of all open Photoshop then click on "File" in the option bar then click "Open" then select the image.

If your layer box is hidden then click "Window"  then select "Layer"; the shortcut key of the keyboard is "F7".

mage layer

Create a duplicate layer by right-clicking on the layer then select duplicate layer / Short cut key "Ctrl+J" / click on "Layer" in the Menu bar then select "Duplicate layer". The name will be "Background copy"; you can change this name. Just double-click on the background copy, you can then write anything for the name.
I am using the name "background color".

duplicate layer.jpg

layer chang.jpg

Layer name change:

background color.jpg

Select "Lasso Tool" in the Tool Panel and select the image then copy the image; the short cut is "Ctrl+C".

select image.jpg

Create a new layer: click on "Layer" in the Menu bar then select "New" thenb select "Layer"; the shortcut key of the keyboard is "Shift+Ctrl+N".

create new layer.jpg

In the new layer press "Ctrl+V".

past image.jpg

If your image is not clean then choose "Stop Handling Brush Tool" > "Blur Tool".

In the "Layer Box" select "Background copy" and then choose color  then press "Ctrl+backspace" then the color will be in your background copy.

In the tool box select "Crop Tool" and drag the mouse to whatever you want to crop.

crop style.jpg

 Press "Enter".


In the Menu Bar select "Image" >"Image size".  If your image is big then you can change the change size of your image. Press "Ctrl+A" then "Ctrl+C".

select smoll image.jpg

In the Menu Bar select "File" > "New" > "Convert size".


"Ctrl+V" then "Ctrl+J" then drag and adjust the image.