C# Corner Delhi Chapter: Learn WCF With C# Corner 13th April, 2013 Official Recap

NOIDA (India), C# Corner Delhi Chapter April, 2013 - C# Corner (www.c-sharpcorner.com), an online social community of over 3+ million developers, today finally wrapped up its 1-day chapter; the C# Corner Delhi Chapter April2013. This is a recap of the event. We've decided to split this coverage into 4 different parts, one part giving brief highlights of each session.

The event was opened to all C# Corner Delhi User Group and over 65 members were present on the day.


C# Corner Delhi Chapter Attendees

The first session of the event was started by Dhananjay Kumar.

DJ opened with "Getting Started with WCF". The Summit is a way to provide in depth knowledge to the tech aspirants in order to let them showcase their talent on big stage.


Dhananjay Kumar discussing "Getting started with WCF"

As DJ ended with a bang as he always does, Brij Bhushan Mishra took on the next session discussing "N Tier Architecture with EF, WCF and ASP.NET MVC".


Brij Bhushan Mishra discussing "N Tier Architecture with EF, WCF and ASP.NET MVC"

Then came in Suchit Khanna with his topic "Security in WCF".


Suchit Khanna discussing "Security in WCF"

After that all three speakers went through a Question and Answer session in tandem. It really got the attendees excited as they got what they were there for.

As the crowd was quite knowledgeable and filled with the speaker's expectations, a small presentation was made to the most active attendees.

Finally things ended up with attendees interacting with the veterans personally sharing their views and getting bit of their queries solved along with snacks.

We are here by attaching the PPT's of all three sessions, you can download all PPT's from Source Code.

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