Recover of Forgotten Hotmail or Password

Losing the password of your own email account is one of the most common, yet annoying scenarios of all time. However, many similar situations have been taking place lately and surprisingly sometimes it isn't the password that is causing it to happen. Thus, here is a guide to help you to recover a forgotten Hotmail or password, when all solutions fail.

Microsoft and Its Security Layers (previously Hotmail) is probably used by a large number of Microsoft followers for the exchange of email and other data. However, most of them haven't noticed how strong the security measures are implemented on it. Two-step verification, alternate email address/phone numbers and recovery codes all are some simply-applicable yet powerful security layers, for your account protection. The best part is, despite logged into your account, you need to verify your identity to reach the "Account Settings" page.

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Note: This is probably the best provision by, against those snooping around your machine behind your back, with the account logged in. This will restrict them from taking control of your account without your permission.

Loss of Password: When Technology Takes Control

Loss of Password

This is the screen you may encounter when there is a login failure. This could possibly happen due to either of the following two reasons:

  1. You are entering the wrong email address
  2. The password is incorrect

Note: In a third case, reason number one is why people fail to log in. However, this is only a typing error and nothing serious, hence just a careful cross check will let you solve it.

Nevertheless, if a lost password is what you are facing (though most of you may not agree) then there are several ways to regain access to your account.

Recovering Access to Your Account

  1. Open in your browser.

  2. Click on the "Can't access your account?" option provided below the fields for credentials.Outlook
  3. Most of you will be sure that the password being entered is right, so click on the "I know my password but can't sign in" option.

    I know my password but can’t sign in
  4. On doing this, Microsoft will display a Tip to recheck your credentials, in other words both the ID and password as a mistype could be causing this trouble.

    Tip to recheck your credentials
  5. Assuming that you are sure about the credentials, click on Next to proceed.

  6. On the window that then appears, enter the Microsoft account ID that you are failing to log in and type the CAPTCHA correctly (to ensure that the attempt is not being made any software to break into your account).

  7. Click Next.

  8. To verify your identity, Microsoft will ask you to select a medium to receive the security code.

  9. Or, you can click on "I don't have any of these" if the email address/phone number is not with you anymore. Click Next.

  10. Now you will be asked for a Recovery Code (another alternative by Microsoft to ensure you own the access rights of this account).

  11. Assuming that you don't have it saved anywhere, click on No.

  12. Again, on the step that comes next, provide your account ID and an alternate email address to which you currently have access.

  13. Click Next.

    Click Next

  14. Microsoft tries hard to get as much information as it can about your account, provide it:

    1. Name along with date of birth.
    2. Location.
    3. Security question's answer.
    4. Passwords used in the past for this account.
    5. Subject line used in any of the recently sent emails.
    6. Folder name of any custom folder that you created on the account.
    7. A contact to which you may have recently contacted.
    8. Any type of billing/credit card information related to the account.


    Providing this information will prove you as the genuine owner of this account and also it will help Microsoft to resolve the issue faster.

  15. Click Submit after filling in all the required information.


  16. Microsoft will now probably take a moment to combine this information and attempt the recovery of your account.

  17. If the provided information was found sufficient by Microsoft then a Password Reset Link will be sent to you on the alternate email address provided.

  18. However, on not finding the information sufficient enough, you will receive an email from Microsoft with an account verification form submission link.

You can give a second try at filling in the information more accurately as an attempt to come to a conclusion.

Final Verdict

In all honesty, it is a little difficult to know how to recover forgotten Hotmail or password without having any alternative solutions associated with it. If you have a recovery code/email address/phone number, then you can do the process within just a few clicks. However, there is a chance you might get through it using the preceding procedure (without a problem). Otherwise, if the account is that important, you can always get in touch with Microsoft Support. Eventually, if you do get a successful entry into your account by any means then be sure to take proper security measures and keep the related information stored in a safe place so that you never lose control of your account.