How to Check Database Using SQLite Manager in Android


In this article I tell you how to see your SQLite database, if you want to see the details. You can see your SQLite database in three ways.

  1. Using a command prompt in window.
  2. Using coding, to see details you can get using code in your project.
  3. Using SQLite manager.

Here I explain how to use SQLIte manager. To see details of your database you must use the following procedure.

Step 1

First, open any web browser and add to it the SQLite Manager add-on as shown in the following image.


Step 2

Now create a project to save your database using SQLite database as I did in my last article Create Database in Android.

Step 3

Open DDMS Perspective in your Eclipse editor and go to the File Explorer and select "Data" -> "Data" then enter your project package name ( in my case its "com.db.documents" ) as shown in the following image:


Step 4

Now pull outside selective database from your device using the pull button and save the database with a ".db" extension as shown in the following image:


Save it as "database.db":


Step 5

Now open your browser and open SQLite Manager using "Tool" -> "SQLIte Manager" as shown in the following image:


Steps 6

Connect to your database as shown in the following image:


Step 7

And at last you will see the new database in your project as shown below: