Introduction of Mobile entree in MOSS2010

Agenda of this article

  • Overview of mobile entree
  • Features of mobile entree
  • Limitations mobile entree
  • Demo


  • Mobile Entree (ME) provides SharePoint users a rich interface to increase business productivity from their Smart-phone
  • Users can continue to collaborate and maintain access to SharePoint data, business workflow processes, line of business applications as well as Business Intelligence.
  • ME utilizes the mobile web browser as the client delivery platform thus making it, by nature, cross-platform
  • Mobile access to SharePoint lists, document libraries, discussion boards and search


  • Rich Interface to access out of the box SharePoint capability such as lists, document libraries, workflow, search and much more
  • Mobile Entree supports almost all the Smartphones like Blackberry, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, PalmOS and Nokia Symbian devices with no need to install any 'apps' on the device.
  • Mobile Entree extends SharePoint into a MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) providing a rich API to build your own mobile applications without any need to program for the different devices.
  • Mobile Entree is cross device compliant
  • Mobile Entree supports SharePoint BI


  • ME only supports out of the box SharePoint capability such as lists, document libraries etc.
  • Some OOB controls such as list attachment control and custom SPField controls are not supported
  • Site branding is not replicated as it is on Mobile browsers
  • Developers has to get acquainted with the API's to develop custom Mobile Applications


SharePoint site


SharePoint Site in Mobile view


SharePoint Site (Mobile Entree configured)




This is the overview of mobile entree, wait for next article which will be the customization of sharepoint for mobile using mobile entree.