Duet Enterprise Configuration on SharePoint On-Premises

Duet Enterprise is a combined effort from SAP and Microsoft for SAP and SharePoint seamless integration.

Duet Enterprise supports both SharePoint on-premises and online.

The following is the procedure for SharePoint on-premises.

Prepare SharePoint

  1. Open SharePoint Central Administration.

  2. Create a web application with Claims-Based authentication. Don't create a site collection.

  3. Extend the web application with SSL set to Yes and a different port number (PORTNO).

    • Change the public URL to fully qualified (http://<servername or domain>.wdf.sap.corp:PORTNO

  4. Open IIS then confirm that the sites are created.

  5. Generate Server certificates from IIS (self-signed certificate).

  6. Export the certificate and share it with SAP Admin.

  7. Go to website (extended site) at IIS.

    • Edit the bindings.
    • Map the SSL Certificated exported.

  8. Export the second certificate required by SAP Admin (STS Certificate).

  9. Open the command prompt mmc.

  10. Seelct File -> Add/ Remove more snap ins:
    • Select certificates.
    • Select Computer account.
    • Select local computer and click OK.
  11. Expand Certificates, then go to SharePoint and select Certificates.

  12. Select the SharePoint security token service certificate, export to a file and save it on disk.

  13. Now install Duet enterprise content for SharePoint (Setup.exe).

  14. The preceding activity will copy the required files to C:/Program Files / Duet Enterprise.

  15. Under that you can find SAP Service models (BDC models) that will be uploaded to SharePoint.

  16. Open command prompt.

  17. Navigate to C:/Program Files/Duet Enterprise/VersionNo (1.0). (Note: the directory path will differ in your system.)

  18. Enter DuetConfig.exe /install.

  19. That's it.

  20. Now send the two certificates files and SAP Service Model (BDC files) to SAP Admin.

Getting Data into SharePoint

  1. Once you receive the files from SAP Admin, as the first step we need to generate a secure store service key.

  2. Go to SharePoint Central Administration, then System settings and click Manage service applications. Then select secure store service application.

  3. Click Generate key on menu.

  4. Enter pass phrase and click OK.

  5. Once done, import the SSL certificate received from SAP Admin.

  6. To do that, go to Central Administration, then click Security and select manage trust under General security.

  7. Click New and import the SSL Certificate sent by SAP Admin.

  8. Select the file and vlick OK.

  9. Go to C:/tmp.

  10. Extract the BDC.zip file and you will see all the models that we want to import.

  11. Open command prompt.

  12. Navigate to C:/program files/Duet Enterprise/1.0.

  13. Run DuetConfig.exe /importbdc c:/tmp/BDC/models.xml /addusers “nt authority\authenticated users” username <SAPAccount> /password <password of SAP> / email <emailaddress>.

  14. When the models are successfully imported, we can continue with the configuration.

  15. Run Notepad for DuetConfig.exe.config.

  16. Modify the key ReportPublisherAccount and ReportPublishingURL of SAP in this config filee.

  17. Change the ServiceAccount of SAP workflow in config file.

  18. Run DuetConfig.exe /configuresolution “Reporting” /weappurl http://<web app where to import>.

  19. Once done for report, continue for workflow import if required.

    • Run DuetConfig.exe /configuresolution “Workflow” /weappurlhttp://<web app where to import>.

  20. Follow the same for ProductWorkspace if required.

    • Run DuetConfig.exe /configuresolution “ProductWorkspace” /weappurlhttp://<web app where to import>.

  21. Follow for OrderToCash if required.

    • Run DuetConfig.exe /configuresolution “OrderToCash” /weappurlhttp://<web app where to import>.

  22. Follow for Customer workspace if required.

    • Run DuetConfig.exe /configuresolution “CustomerWorkspace” /weappurlhttp://<web app where to import>.

  23. And finally portal.

    • Run DuetConfig.exe /configuresolution “Portal” /weappurl http://<web app where to import>.

  24. Restart IIS.

  25. Go to SharePoint Central Administration and create new site collection based on the new Duet Enterprise template (Duet Enterprise Sites).

  26. Open the site, you can view all the data and workspace for customers, products, reports Center and tasks center.

  27. Finally you need to handover two URLs to the SAP Admin.

  28. The first URL is for reporting and receiving site.

  29. The second is for the workflow URL service along with service accounts configured in the atduetconfig.exe.config file.

  30. End.