Build Mobile Web Sites Using MVC4


In this article we will explore the new release of MVC4 for developing mobile Web-sites using HTML5 and Jquery-Mobile. As all of you know, today the world is moving to mobile applications and we also have to move towards mobile application development. Still now you are all familiar with Windows Mobile Phone 7 and creating applications using Silverlight but as all of you know Silverlight doesn't have the feature cause of HTML5 and css3.  

All of you are aware of Microsoft releasing ASP.NET MVC4 which can be used to develop mobile websites. MVC4 supports the mobile development and also provides the support for jquery-mobile and HTML5. Using j-query-mobile and HTML5, we can develop rich graphic applications. So let's see what's new in MVC4.

MVC4 A new model-view-controller framework

All of you know that MVC (Model-View-Controller) is the framework to work in a different manner having a different structure for our applications. Microsoft has released MVC4 developer preview which you can download here. MVC4 supports a new mobile website template to develop the mobile website. This mobile website template of MVC4 supports builtin support for j-query and HTML5.

J-Query Mobile

All of you know about j-query, which is useful to develop a rich graphic user interface and we are using j-query for our development. MVC4 supports the j-query mobile having support to most of the platforms. You can see the supported platform list here  and can download the j-query mobile here.

Windows Phone 7

All of you are aware of Windows Phone 7 SDK which is useful to develop the mobile application you can download it here. Still we was able to develop our mobile application using XAML using Windows Phone SDK but in MVC4 you can develop your application using HTML5, CSS3 and j-query mobile.

Above, we have listed the new features in MVC4; now we will see the above listed things so download MVC4 developer preview and install on your system.

Start a new project by selecting FileàNew ProjectàMVC4 Web Application which will ask you the application type i.e. Empty, Internet or Intranet and in MVC4 it will ask one more i.e. Mobile Application; you can see the following image.


After starting our work using MVC4 Mobile application we can design a feature rich application with HTML5 and j-query mobile. From the discussion we can say now it's very easy to develop the mobile website using MVC4.

So hurry up and start your mobile website development using MVC4.

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