About mvc4

Microsoft launched new version of MVC 4 which have some new features over previous version. MVC 4 fulfillments the user and programmer requirements. In Version 4 of the ASP.NET MVC Framework introduces Asynchronous Controllers to better handle these types of long-running requests in a more asynchronous fashion. Display modes A growing number of devices are Internet-connected and ready to surf your site, and you need to be ready for them. Many times, the data displayed on these devices is the same as the data displayed on desktop devices, except the visual elements need to take into consideration the smaller form factor of mobile devices. Bundling and Minification Even though it may seem like the only way to get on the Internet these days is through some sort of high-speed connection, that doesn’t mean you can treat the client-side resources that your site depends on in a haphazard manner. Web API Simple HTTP data services are rapidly becoming the primary way to supply data to the ever increasing variety of applications, devices, and platforms. ASP.NET MVC 4 has always provided the ability to return data in various formats, including JSON and XML.

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