How to reverse a C# List

C# List<T> class provides methods and properties to create a list of objects (classes). You can add items to a list during the initialization or using List.Add() and List.AddRange() methods.
List is a generic class. You must import the following namespace before using the List<T> class.
using System.Collections.Generic;
The Reverse method of List<T> reverses the order all items in in the List.
The following code example reverses a List.
  1. // List of string  
  2. List<string> authors = new List<string>(5);  
  3. authors.Add("Mahesh Chand");  
  4. authors.Add("Chris Love");  
  5. authors.Add("Allen O'neill");  
  6. authors.Add("Naveen Sharma");  
  7. authors.Add("Mahesh Chand");  
  8. authors.Add("Monica Rathbun");  
  9. authors.Add("David McCarter");  
  11. Console.WriteLine("Original List items");  
  12. Console.WriteLine("===============");  
  13. // Print original order  
  14. foreach (string a in authors)  
  15. Console.WriteLine(a);  
  17. // Reverse list items  
  18. authors.Reverse();  
  20. Console.WriteLine();  
  21. Console.WriteLine("Sorted List items");  
  22. Console.WriteLine("===============");  
  23. // Print reversed items  
  24. foreach (string a in authors)  
  25. Console.WriteLine(a);  
Listing 1.
The output of Listing 8 looks like Figure 1.
Reverse C# List 
Figure 1.

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