What's New In MongoDB 3.2

MongoDB is an open-source document database and the leading NoSQL database. MongoDB was developed by the company 10gen (now called MongoDB Inc) in October 2007. MongoDB has been used by many high-trafficked highly-scalable websites such as Craigslist, eBay, Foursquare and SourceForge.

The latest version of MongoDB database, version 3.2 was released recently. The new version has focused on building large, scalable, mission-critical applications using a single and modern database.

Here are some of the key features introduced in this version: 

  • New pluggable storage engines optimized for in-memory computing and the most security-sensitive applications
  • Faster business insight with enhanced real-time analytics and search, coupled with seamless connectivity to industry-standard SQL-based BI tools for sophisticated data exploration
  • Simplified data governance with document validation, coupled with GUI-based schema discovery and visualization
  • Improved operational efficiency with enhanced management platforms, continuous uptime across distributed, multi-region deployments, and zero-downtime upgrades 
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