How to Use the Union All component

Use of UnionAll Component :

The Union All component is used to combine more than one input to a single output.

Step 1: Create a DataFlowTask Component. Edit the dataflowtask and add an OLEDB Data source. Connect the OLEDB datasource with the database.


Step 2: Drag and drop a Conditional Split component from the toolbox and connect the input.


Step 3: Edit the conditional split component. Add the following condition as mentioned below.


Step 4: Drag and drop the RowCount component and connect it mentioned below. Assign the variables also to store the RowCount value from the RowCount component.



Step 5: Now the empty records and non-empty records are separated , to join this one , we can use union all to merge this two branches.


Step 6: Place one more row count component after the Union all component, to get the total row count.


Step 7: Execute the package.


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