Site Collection For Root Explicit Inclusion and Wildcard Inclusion Managed Path

When we create Site Collections in SharePoint web applications, they are created with a URL such as:


To have a specific URL other than "/site" we would need to create a Managed Path.

When we create a Managed Path, we have two options:  

  1. Explicit Inclusion
  2. Wildcard Inclusion

So what is the difference? I will guide you to what exactly a managed path is. Follow with me.

1. Browse to Central Administration then select "Applications Management" -> "Manage Web Application"
2. Choose the web application where you want to implement managed paths.

Implement managed paths

3. I am adding the following two new paths:

  • hr (for type Explicit inclusion)
  • admin (for type Wildcard inclusion)

New Paths 

4. Now browse back to Application Management and seelct "Create Site Collections".
5. You will see your custom Managed paths there.

Explicit Inclusion

When we are not planning to create further site collections under a specified managed path, we use this option. Explicit Inclusion Managed paths allows in creation of only one site collection at the exact given URL.

In our case hr would be the only site collection that can be created. SharePoint will allow creating only one site collection within this Managed Path.

Explicit Inclusion
Wildcard Inclusion

When we want to create more than one site collection under a specific managed path, we use this option. Wildcard Inclusion Managed Paths allow unlimited site collection to be created under a given URL.

In our case under admin, we can create any number of site collections.