How to Generate Azure Storage Account Name and Key

Recently I was working on some Azure samples where I needed to generate a storage account name and key. There are many ways we can create the account names or keys.

1. Using Visual Studio

Open Server Explorer connections, right-click on the Azure icon (also from the tool bar) and click “Connect to Microsoft Azure Subscription”.


Sign in to Visual Studio with your Outlook account or sign up for a new account. Once the login is done, open "Manage Subscriptions" to view the subscription details just to ensure everything went well.

Then open the Azure main node and right-click on “Storage” and select “Create Storage Account”.

open Azure main node

Select the subscription, add an Account Name, select available Region and Replication as “Locally Redundant”. Click Create.

Locally Redundant

To view the generated account name, click on the Storage node. You can see the account name testazureaccount created. Right-click and view properties. Open Storage Account Keys and mark it as in the image above.

This will open another window that includes Primary, Secondary and Connection String information. Copy and use them in the project.

2. From

Open the Azure Management portal, login with your account. From the "All Items" menu open the Storage extension.


Click on Manage Access Keys as highlighted above. That will give the same information as above from Visual Studio. Also, we can regenerate the keys as well.

I hope this will help everyone.

Thank You!

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