A Simple C# Utility to Help You Invent Names

I wrote this simple console utility to help me think of a new name for a project, I was launching. I found it useful, so I would like to share this simple utility with you all. This utility is .Net SDK Beta2 tested.

Just compile it using csc WordGen.cs and run it. You can tweak with the word length and number of words generated in one go. I have included an edited output of this utility in the text file invent-names.txt.

The WordGen class relies on RandWord to do the actual work. RandWord is based on engine design pattern, that is, it does not contain any input or output statements.

If you so desire, you may replace the WordGen class with a GUI wrapper class. 

The engine intertwines vowels and all alphabets. Note that phonetics consider the letter 'y' as partial vowel.

Few of the words generated by this utility is sampled here. But be aware that it does produce loads of junk, so you got to keep your cool while using this utility.




aquawine isodrome
aqva itoldu
artjazz izazat
axalis joxnae
bullfundu momentozone
durazol neosense
eazyfix nuboss
espizol orly-oxide
eyedope teaknite
fiza xen
flygo zonya

More samples can be found in invent-words.txt, included in the download. 

An enhanced version of this utility would use the Phoneme Principle [page VII till XV, English Pronouncing  Dictionary, Daniel Jones, ISBN 0 521 59935 0]. 

So next time I re-visit this subject I will use this principle.