Adult Dataset In Machine Learning Using Azure


In this post, we will see how to create and deploy simple machine learning Applications Adult Dataset.
  • Machine Learning Account.
Step 1
Login into the Machine Learning account.
Step 2
From the Machine Learning dashboard, click New Option, which is present at the bottom of the dashboard, as shown below:
Step 3
From the Gallery, select "Sample 1:Download dataset from UCI: Adult 2 Class dataset " and click open in ML Studio. Finally, the Window given below appears:
ML Studio
ML Studio
Step 4
The following are the important things you need to do before deploying the Application:
  • Understanding the problem.
  • Collecting the data.
  • Training module.
  • Validating and tuning the data.
  • Input.
  • Output.
Step 5
Click the Run button on the dashboard and the following Window will appear:
  1. Input and Output Nodes and click Next, shown below.
  2. See how the data flows in the Web Services and click Next.
  3. Adding Input and Output Nodes and click Next, as shown below.
  4. Run the Experiment, as shown below.
Step 6
If the deployment is completed without any errors, the deploy Web Service option will be enabled, as shown below:
Step 7
In it, click Deploy Web Service (Classic or New) and click deploy option, as shown below:
Deploy web service
Step 8
It takes some time and automatically navigates to the Web deployment phase, as shown below, in it. Select price plan, Plan name and click submit.
Step 9
Once the Web deployment is configured, select "test" for testing an Application with the sample data, as shown below:
Step 10
Now, in the test request-response, test with the sample data and the following output will display, as shown below: