Agile PM Tools And Techniques ⚙️ (Sprint 2)


In the previous article, we have discussed the Agile tools and techniques to use in Agile Methodology. Now, we will discuss popular tools which are user-friendly and ideal for project management.

To handle quality product development and timely delivery, you need a project management tool that meets your needs and can tackle software development projects smoothly with proper pricing plans.

Let’s discuss the most famous project management tools with their agile features and pricing plans.

JIRA, Zepel, Pivotal Tracker, Trello, Github Project Management, are going to be introduced in-depth.

The remaining Kanabanize, OrangeScrum, ActiveCollab, Backlog, Wrike, Sprintly will be discussed in the next article.


JIRA Software is a default choice for most companies. Initially, it was built for the issue and bug tracking, but can be made for software product development. JIRA software capabilities are endless that‘s why it is the most popular agile tool for software teams.

These are Agile features in JIRA:

  1. Issue: user stories and bugs
  2. Boards
  3. Workflows
  4. Backlogs
  5. Roadmap
  6. Different types of reports’ charts

Price: Free to $14 per user per month

Agile PM tools and techniques


Zepel is especially made for project development teams. If you are going for a Scrum team choose Kanban, Zepel has all the features and factors that you need to plan and track the progress of the project.

Zepel is easy to understand for any team member as a quick start and acceptable by any team. For this reason, the communications of tasks between team and product owner would be efficient and accurate.

These are Agile features in ZEPEL,

  1. Effortless features planning with Documentation
  2. Generates user stories, enhancements, bugs, tasks, subtasks, sections
  3. Deep integration with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and more
  4. Sprint Iteration
  5. Scrum Board
  6. Customized Kanban Board
  7. Agile and Sprint reports: Burn Down Chart, Burn Up Chart, and Cumulative Flow Chart
  8. Estimation points and Hashtags to set priorities.

Price: Free to $7 per user per month

Agile PM tools and techniques

Pivotal Tracker

When we are thinking about project planning tools for software development teams, Pivotal Tracker is a better choice. It is made to keep your Agile team on track to strike their sprint goals. Everyone in your team has to work with truth, real-time, and openness, with these factors team’s work results will be on time and satisfied. In this Sprint planning approach, you prioritize projects into manageable, actionable parts for your teams to continue the ongoing track.

These are Agile features in Pivotal Tracker:

  1. Stories
  2. Estimation/Assumptions
  3. Backlog
  4. Iterations
  5. Velocity Chart

Price: Free to $250 per month

Agile PM tools and techniques


Trello is popular for Agile teams. You should try it. Trello is completely focused on the Kanban framework, and it's easy to get started. In all boards there are different lists and cards represent a task. They are in columns, so if progress is made then you move a card from one column to another in right.

Trello is an ideal option for small teams, which don’t require tracking of tasks with more than the Kanban board. It’s a very simple view of task tracking.

These are Agile features in Trello:

  1. Boards
  2. Labels
  3. Custom Fields

Price: Free to $20.83 per user per month

Agile PM tools and techniques

Github Project Management

In project management, our team mostly uses Github to host and collaborate the source code. With Github Project Management, our team can manage the issues, track the solution and fix it on time too.

Our team members can track changes or updates in projects without complexion in our workflow when we link the issues with pull requests and code commits in the project. Moreover, if you associate an issue with a pull request when the pull request closes automatically, it is merged.

These are Agile Features in Github Project Management,

  1. Board
  2. Labels
  3. Issue link to pull requests
  4. Setup a custom workflow in a minute

Price: Free to $25 per month for 5 users

Agile PM tools and techniques


In this article, I presented some most popular and most-used Agile tools. With an in-depth view of the different boards with images and functions, software development teams can collaborate with the product owner accordingly to their requirements and cost-effective choices for project planning. In the next article, Sprint 3, more tools are going to be discussed.