Agile PM Tools And Techniques⚙️ (Sprint-1)


In the previous article, we have discussed the Agile Manifesto with values and principles. Now, we will further discuss the different tools and techniques which are useful in Agile Methodology. There are some further concepts that are very important and clear in the Agile team. Let’s discuss what are these and how to implement them.

There are no limits to agile tools in today’s competitive market. This is the reason for choosing the right and best tool for the project management team.

The agile software development team has to plan features, set the priority, and run sprints, retrospective meetings to ensure all is on track, and bug-free code and timely delivery.

This image represents how a sprint runs and executes.  

Consider some important factors which will help the team or organization to choose the best tools,

  1. How many projects do you need for your tools to handle at the same time?
  2. How many team members are needed to use tools at the same time?
  3. Is it manageable for both Agile and non-Agile projects? Any tool required to handle both?
  4. Do you expect the growth of your organization in the next two to five years? To identify the best Scrum tools which are capable of the growth of your business?
  5. How the tool is user-friendly? Get the average user satisfaction rating of the tools.
  6. How do the end-users access the tools? Requirements of Scrum project management tools for multiple locations or mobile devices?
  7. What do the other tools need for integration? Check the compatibility of Scrum management tools before purchasing.

The basic format of the Agile tool is considered a whiteboard and sticky notes.  Agile project management tools are used to manage and execute an efficient Agile project. For example, if you use the Scrum framework, it’s essential to create, update and share Scrum boards.

This image is the best example of the ideal project planning with a scrum board and Scrum framework.

Top famous companies across the world which are using Agile methodology

Agile is very flexible to adopt a change in any industry. There are some well-known companies that use Agile Methodology are,

  • Amazon- In 1999, Agile gets a small place at Amazon, but organizations adopts Scrum between 2004 and 2009, to achieve new heights. It’s the best well-known example of Agile Management.
  • Cisco-  In 2015, Cisco gets introduced to Agile to lower defects in products, reduce employee working hours and overtime, and improve product delivery times.
  • Google- Google is one of the famous companies that use the most famous framework of Agile that is Scrum. Google runs many applications like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, etc. that all need a regular update. To handle these updates, quick responses to changes are must require, and Google tracks these all tasks with the Scrum framework.  
  • Lego- In 2015, Lego adapted Agile to improve communications between users and suppliers, focus and productivity of management. With these, it reduces paperwork, gets the accuracy of work, and is efficient in the market.
  • Netflix- Netflix is a super exciting company that uses Agile Project Management to keep steady in market completions and comes with innovations for the users. Netflix used Agile to create teleshows and movies to provide content for all populations and social communities with a quick and constant response as per the country and people's interests. 
  • Microsoft- Microsoft embraced Agile for both small and gigantic projects. At the very first, Microsoft starts with a small Agile model and modified it for further larger projects, problems, and solutions.
  • Spotify- Spotify uses Agile software development to take a new place with competitors such as Apple, Google, and Amazon.

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In this article, we have covered Agile methodology tools and techniques. These are the most important factors to handle the tools and techniques before the implementation of the project. If all the points and questions are clear then it is much easier to apply the appropriate tool for your project.  In the next article, we will discuss the exhaustive list of Agile tools with various examples.