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In this technological dense era, we live in, with hundreds of software companies churning out thousands of software, it's an extremely difficult task to keep track of the possibilities that already exist. And even more complex has become to reach out and analyze which of these products and services to use. There is not much point in starting from the base as advancements in technology and innovation are done by progressing on whatever has already been built. As Elon Musk said, quoting Isaac Newton,” We are only here because we stand on the shoulder of giants”.

With AWS Marketplace, the ultimate solution is here. With over 10,000 products in wide ranges of categories, it has never been this easy to meet the products that fit the needs of corporates, organizations, institutions, government as well as for the individuals to build on our dreams from the support of the products and services curated by the plethora of tech giants out there. In this article, we’ll learn about this AWS Marketplace and explore various resources and solutions enabled by AWS through the AWS Marketplace.

AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a one-stop solution with over 10,000 products and services ranging in over 50+ categories dedicated to making it convenient for organizations for procurement, discovery, and governing of third-party software. From healthcare to financial services, the AWS Marketplace contains software listings categories such as Machine Learning, Security, Data & Analytics, DevOps and so many more for diverse industries in the wide discipline.

Professional grade services can be configured in minutes, deployed, and managed with third-party software, the minimalizing time requirement for the procurement, implementation, and enabling organizations. Currently, there are over 1600 independent software vendors catering to 2 million subscribers.

What are the advantages of AWS Marketplace?

These are the key benefits of using AWS Marketplace. 

Wide Range of Selection

The AWS Marketplace has offerings from a plethora of tech giants to a wide number of individual sellers. With over 10,000 offerings of services in dozens of categories, the choices are never-ending. Whatever one requires, if an organization ever requires, there is a high chance you’ll find it in AWS Marketplace.


The rapid possibility of searching the required products and services, for purchasing, testing, and deployment makes it a lucrative platform for organizations.

Price Models

The price models for the software are extremely flexible and based on the pay-as-you-go model which makes it easier to save money and benefit from the offerings in the most economical way possible.

Compliance and Governance

The complexity of compliance issues and governance is all taken care of by the platform itself. Thus, the use of the software or even the third-party data products align with the requirements of compliance and policies for every region for usage.

Major Categories 

The AWS Marketplace has made it easier to search and preview the service offerings by dividing them into different categories as listed below. The tools are curated with utmost diligence to help organizations find their fit of products and services. The solutions can be searched both in terms of areas and use cases.

Operating Systems

Operating Systems offerings from Windows Servers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, and many more can be accessed through the AWS Marketplace.


Ranges of Security services from Kali Linux, Splunk Enterprise, OpenVPN Access Server to a plethora of other services can be explored and used.


Cloud Managers, Backup, and Recovery systems can be easily deployed and managed in just minutes from the marketplace.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics tools such as Elasticsearch of Elastic Cloud, Microsoft SQL Server, and dozens of other services are accessible.

Application Development

Tools for Application Development such as WordPress, Jenkins, Gitlab, MongoDB VM can be accessed from the Application Development category.

Machine Learning

The hot topic of this decade, Machine Learning tools and services are accessible in minutes from the Marketplace. Below, we’ve showcased one similar tool under Machine Learning that can be used from the Marketplace.

Data Products

A wide variety of Data Products such as Coronavirus Data Hub by Tableau, Bitcoin daily average price, IMDb Movie Data can all be accessed from the Marketplace. A huge number of developers, engineers, and data scientists aren’t aware of this amazing offering by AWS Marketplace and are in search of data in different fields that are easily available on this platform.

There are similar numerous other offerings in the AWS Marketplace that can be explored such ad DevOps, Professional Services, IoT, Industries, Business Applications, Infrastructure Software, and many more. Moreover, all these searches can be refined as per the categories, delivery methods, publisher, and many other methods. 

Solutions as per use cases

The solutions offered by the AWS Marketplace can also be explored based on the field of solutions as follows.

  • Healthcare 
  • Financial Services 
  • Public Sector 
  • Media and Entertainment 
  • Telecommunications 

Above is the range of third-party solutions offered by AWS Marketplace which caters to Analytics in Healthcare, Data Sets, Disease Management, Compliances, Clinical Information Systems, IT infrastructure, and Interoperability.

Example of Services offered

Here, we’ve dived into the product demo on the service named by GluonCV YOLOv3 Object Detector from mxnet. User can simply just upload an image and the service can identify the objects in the image and displays the confidence for each of the identified image. This is a solution using the image classification problems in Machine Learning.

Platform to Sell

The AWS Marketplace is not just a platform for subscribers. The platform needs vendors who contribute to the software they develop, data, and services. Thus, this is a platform for both customers and sellers. You can Sign in to the platform to place your offering at AWS Marketplace for Sellers. This is a huge opportunity for developers out there, companies, and organizations to make an impact on a global scale with their services. 


Thus, in this article, we learned about the AWS Marketplace, explored different types of services offered by the platform, and went through a demo of one of the services among hundreds that organizations can benefit from, by using this amazing platform. With the use of AWS Marketplace, numerous solutions for hundreds of organizations are catered to from small enterprises to corporates, governments, and more. 

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