Have you ever wondered what happens in the background once you click on "Sign in" in Office 365 or "Login with" Google/Facebook/LinkedIn?

In earlier times up until 2006, forms authentication was established standard for verifying users (authenticating)and granting access (authorizing) in the site. However, with advancement in technology especially mobile applications delegated authorization became need of hour.

Considering these scenarios OAuth2.0 was introduced, which became the industry standard for delegated authorization. It was further extended with OpenID connect to provide standard User Information and define standard Scope. This session provides a detailed overview of basics of Authentication and Authorization in Azure and other standard identity providers like Google, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.?

This video explains the OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect flow in detail.

Basics of Authentication/Authorization in Azure(AAD) Google,Facebook, Twitter, L...
Oct 13 2019

Abhijeet Jadhav

This video explains authentication and authorization flow. What happens when user logs in with Office 365 login screen or when user clicks on "Login with" Google/Facebook/Twitter. It explains OAuth flow and OpenID connect flow in detail.