Cognitive Service Face APIs In Azure

Cognitive Services

Microsoft Cognitive Services helps us to build applications with powerful algorithms, using a few lines of code. They work on all the devices and platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows, keep improving, and are easy to set up.

It enables natural and contextual interaction with the users and provides the experience for powerful artificial intelligence algorithms such as vision, speech, language and knowledge.

The following are some of the salient features available in Cognitive Services.

  • No upfront cost in Cognitive Service.
  • No termination fees.
  • Pay only for what you use.
  • Per Minute Billing.

To complete this article, you need to have an Azure account. If you're new to Azure, I recommend reading Introduction to Microsoft Azure.

Following are some of API's, available in Cognitive Services.    
Let’s get started to complete this article

Login into Azure Management Portal to create Cognitive Service account for Face API.

Once dashboard appears, now click + button, available in the left top corner and then select Intelligence + analytics. Select Cognitive Service API's form intelligence + analytics blade appears.


Once the create blade appears, now fill the mandatory fields to create a Cognitive Service API's in Azure.

  • Account Name with your user defined name makes sure that your name is available or not.
  • Subscription with your subscription level.
  • API type- Select API type as Face API from the list of available API's.
  • Location as west US.
  • Pricing tier as free F0.
  • Resource group as your default resource group.
  • Accept the license term and click create button to create a Cognitive Service.

It takes some time to configure Cognitive Service in Azure Management Portal. Finally, you get a toast notification that it is successfully deployed to the resource.

Finally, Cognitive Service dashboard appears. Now, download face APIs from the link and deploy your project.

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In this article, we will see about creating and configuring Cognitive Service face API's, using Microsoft Azure.

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