Create a Metrics Visual in a Power BI Report


With the metrics visual in Power BI Desktop, you have the flexibility from an authoring perspective to add an entire scorecard or individual metrics in reports, showcasing metrics alongside other visuals in the context of the rest of the report data.

Add the Metrics Visual

Step 1.Launch Power BI.

Step 2.Connect with the data

Step 3.Select theMetrics visualicon from theVisualizationspane.

Screenshot showing scorecard visual icon.

You can see the visual in the below image.

Track Matrics

Step 4.Now click "Add Metrics".Choose eitherAdd a single metric as a visualto add one metric orAdd multiple metrics as a listto add a scorecard.

Create Scorecard

SelectCreate NewtoAdd multiple metrics as a listto author scorecards.

Step 5.Give proper names and click create.


Step 6.Enter the detail (sample data in the below image).

Sample data

Step 7.You can see the report



Since the visual requires you to be signed in, it isn't supported in Platform as a Service (PaaS) or anonymous report embed. The visual doesn't support cross-filtering or highlighting.You can't connect metrics to the current report until you publish the report to the Power BI service.

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