Create Glacier Vault And Upload File On AWS

Introduction To Glacier Service in AWS

  • Amazon Glacier is a storage service mainly used for infrequently used data.
  • It is a very low-cost storage service compared to other services present in AWS.
  • It provides you the security features for data archiving and backup
  • With the help of Amazon glacier, you can store their data cost-effectively for months, years, or more -- even decades.
  • AmazonGlacier is very helpful for customers to offload the administrative burdens of operating and scaling storage to AWS.
  • Basically, no need to worry about hardware failure detection and recovery and any other data replication.
  • So, with this you must create a vault , uploading archives, creating jobs to download archives, retrieving the job output, deleting archives.

Let us get started and see how we can create a vault and upload data into it.

  • Log in to your console account.
  • Create a Vault in Amazon Glacier service.


  • Give the Vault Name as shown in the below pic.

  • So, the second step is to set Event notifications so you can create new SNS topic or use existing SNS topic so for now, I am not enabling any notifications so I can set up and change notification settings later.

  • You can review your settings.


  • Click on Submit.
  • So, once you create Amazon Glacier Vault, you can see the details by clicking on that.


  • So, after creating the vault, once it is successfully created you need to upload the file.
  • For that, you need to install the tool called Fast Glacier.
  • Now you need Aws Access Key Id and Secret Key for accessing your AWS account resource from that tool.
  • For that go to My security credential present in the top menu bar.


  • Click on My Security Credentials.