Create WordPress Blog Using Web App - Azure Portal

Web App is a part of Azure App Service. WordPress on Azure is very cost effective, easy to install, and scalable. By default it is using MySQL as a database. Also, we can use SQL for database. 
You Will learn:
  • How to Create WordPress Blog,
  • Ready templates available in Web App from gallery option
  • Installation of WordPress on Azure
  • Create MySQL Database for WordPress
  • Working with Azure Resource Groups
How to Install WordPress on Azure

Step 1: Navigate to Azure Portal & sign in using Azure Subscription credentials.

Step 2: Click on New, Web + Mobile, and "See all" option (top-right side of Web+Mobile blade),

Step 3: Filter blade will open & search for "WordPress" template,

Step 4: Click on the result "WordPress", further WordPress installation blade will open,

Step 5:
Enter App Service Name & Subscription,

Step 6:
Create New Resource Group or use existing from the list. For more information about Resource group please click here 

Step 7:
App Service plan/Location - Existing available plans,


Step 7: App Service Plan/Location - Create New App Service Plan depend on pricing tier & location,

Step 8: Select Database option because when we are creating WordPress blog in the backend MySQL will create by default,

Step 9:
Web App Settings - leave default settings,

Step 10:
Last option is "Legal Terms (ClearDB)". Click on "OK" button,

Complete settings of WordPress Blog,

Step 11:
Run the WordPress blog url in browser.

Choose Preferred Language,

Step 12:
Enter Site Title, Admin Username. Password. Email id (for recovery admin password). Then click on "Install WordPress" button,

Step 13:
Click on "Login" button. Enter WordPress admin Username & Password,

WordPress Blog Dashboard,

Now type Wordpress blog url in another browser,

 Also it is responsive, so it will adjust according to Mobile screen,

Congratulations, your WordPress Blog is ready using Web App with the help of Azure Portal on Microsoft Azure!
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