Deploying The Azure DNS Using Microsoft Azure Portal


In this article , I am going to demonstrates how to create the Azure DNS and also how to create the DNS Zone and records using Microsoft Azure Portal.


Microsoft Azure Subscription. If you don't have a subscription go to this link to Free Trial !!!

What is Azure DNS?

An Azure DNS is used to host the DNS records for a particular domain and the Domain Name System, or DNS, is responsible for translating (or resolving) a website or service name to its IP address. Azure DNS is a hosting service for DNS domains, providing name resolution using Microsoft Azure infrastructure. By hosting your domains in Azure, you can manage your DNS records using the same credentials, APIs, tools, and billing as your other Azure services.

What is DNS Zone?

A DNS zone is used to host the DNS records for a particular domain. To start hosting your domain in Azure DNS, you need to create a DNS zone for that domain name. Each DNS record for your domain is then created inside this DNS zone.

What are Records?

In Azure DNS, records are specified by using relative names. A fully qualified domain name (FQDN) includes the zone name, whereas a relative name does not. For example, the relative record name 'www' in the zone '' gives the fully qualified record name ''.

Follow these steps to create the Azure DNS Zone

into the Azure portal

In the Dashboard.Choose "+" and the Goto the "Networking" then Choose the "DNS Zone".

On the create DNS windows, enter the Details in the following image and choose to pin the project in the Dashboard then Press "Create" to create the DNS Zone.

After pressing the create button , our project is created After Deployment Succeeded message is displayed in the Notification bar then choose the Our project tile in the Dashbord.

Follow these steps to create DNS Record

In the project blade , choose the "+ Record" to create the record to our project.

Then enter the values in the following image , the values set as per our wish and then "ok" to create the record.

Then we created the record and that has been shown in the project blade.

To update the name servers with our wish and that is then given to the users. By doing this process as a loop you can create the various records for the desired or particular zone.

In the name server that creates the various domains like .com , .net ,.org and .info, those name servers are changed by us as we like. 


I hope that you may understand how to create the DNS zone and to add the records in the particular domain using Microsoft Azure DNS zone.