Get started using Azure OpenAI Assistants

Hello everyone, today. I'm going to show you the tutorial on how to use the assistant API preview version in the OpenAI environment.

Step 1. To get started with Azure Openai Assistant API, the First thing you need is an Azure account and Openai access. Without Azure Openai access, you are unable to use this feature.

Once you created one Azure account with a pay-as-you-go subscription and free trial subscription, then you can enable the Azure OpenAI access.

Then, you need to tap on the Azure OpenAI.


Step 2. Once you tap on the Azure Open AI service, we need to create one new resource inside the Azure Openai. I have already one account but that account is in another region so I need to create one other resource. So, Now you can tap on to the Create button.


Step 3. Once you tap on the ' Create ' Button, you are redirected to another page. Here in the basic details, you need to add some details like subscription, Resource group, Region, Name, and Pricing tier.

Note. Assistants currently work in the East US2, Australia East, and Sweeden East mainly. So you need to enable these regions in the basics. Otherwise, this feature won't work.


Step 4. Once you entered all the basic details you need to go for another step, here you need to make the value default in all networks. Once you make the default, you can access including internet in the resource. Then tap on "Next"

Step 5. After that, you are redirected to the 'Tags' option. if you want to add any tag value here, you need here according to the requirements or else make it default. Then tap on to the 'next'.


Step 6. After that, you are redirected to the "Review Submit" section. Once you are redirected. You need to validate all the details. Once you have verified all the details, then it is going to the Validation. After validation is completed, you need to tap on the 'Create ' Button.


Step 7. After you tap on the 'Create ' button it will redirect to the deployment process. Once the deployment is completed, you are able to see this snap below.


Then Tap on the 'Go to resource ' Option.

Step 8. After that, you are redirected to the below page (Screenshot). Then you can tap on the ' Go to Azure OpenAI studio'

Azure OpenAI

Step 9. Once you tap on to the button, you are redirected to the Azure OpenAI Studio. Once you entered into this openAI studio. You are able to view the Assistant feature in the openAI environment.

Assistant feature

Step 10. After you need to tap on the Assistant button, you need to create one deployment feature. As of now, i don't have any deployment. I need to create one deployment in the playground. Just tap on the deployment option.

Deployment option

Step 11. Once You tap on the 'Create new deployment'. After that need to enter some more details like selecting a model, model version, deployment type, and deployment name.

Create new

Step 12. Also, you need to enter some more details in the advanced setting as well, here you can see in the below picture.

 Advanced setting

default, they have some advanced options, and you need to make it default. I can add all the use-cases of Assistant API next article.


Creating an Assistant Playground in Azure OpenAI is a significant step towards harnessing the power of AI for your applications. This platform allows you to interact with the OpenAI API in a user-friendly environment, enabling you to test, learn, and understand the capabilities of GPT versions. And you explore and experiment, you'll discover the immense potential this technology holds for enhancing user interaction, automating tasks, and driving innovation in various industries.