Getting Started with Xamarin Android And Creating List View

Xamarin is a cross platform tool used to develop applications for Android, Windows, and iOS.

Here I am going to show how to create a List View in Android using Xamarin in Visual Studio.


  • Visual Studio RC 2017
  • Xamarin Studio Packages should be installed
  • A little bit of programming knowledge

The steps that should be followed

Carefully follow my steps to create List View and I have included the source code below.

Step 1

Launch the Visual Studio RC 2017 and go to file new project.

Step 2

Then you need to select the Android template from the List and then name the application and press create the Project and select where to save the project.

Step 3

Our new project has been created and then we need to navigate to Designer Page. To open the designer page you need to open Solution Explorer ViewàSolution Explorer.

Step 4

Then open Designer Page and you need to select the following solution ExploreràResourcesàLayoutàMain.Xaml.

Step 5

Thus Designer Page is loaded and here we have to drag and drop the ListView Tool from Toolbar and to do this Select ViewàToolbar. From the toolbar Search ListView then drag and drop it in Designer Page.

Step 6

Add the Following Code in MainPage.Xaml.

Step 7

Add the following code in MainActivity.cs and rebuild the solution.

Step 8

Then run the app using Visual Studio Android Emulator and here we go, our app gets executed.


Here our ListView App has been successfully created and executed. I will continue my next article to give you in-depth knowledge about Xamarin Android lessons. Don’t forgot to like and follow me.

Thank you for Reading! And comment below if you have any doubts.

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