Handle JSON Data In SQL


In today's development world, we are exposed to SQL and No-SQL database operations. We may need to map JSON data to an SQL table at some point. Here is an article about parsing JSON in SQL. Let's start. 

Suppose the front-end /client sends JSON data in string format. Define a variable to store the JSON string as below.

DECLARE @json nvarchar(max) ;  
//input from client  
set @json = N'[{ \"mid\": \"/m/01dvt1\", \"description\": \"Joint\", \"score\": 0.975906968,   
\"topicality\": 0.975906968 }, { \"mid\": \"/m/0dzf4\", \"description\": \"Arm\", \"score\": 0.9426941, \"topicality\": 0.9426941 },   
{ \"mid\": \"/m/01ssh5\", \"description\": \"Shoulder\", \"score\": 0.936277151, \"topicality\": 0.936277151 },    
{ \"mid\": \"/m/035r7c\", \"description\": \"Leg\", \"score\": 0.925112, \"topicality\": 0.925112 },  
{ \"mid\": \"/m/01d40f\", \"description\": \"Dress\", \"score\": 0.920576453, \"topicality\": 0.920576453 },   
{ \"mid\": \"/m/02p0tk3\", \"description\": \"Human body\", \"score\": 0.8836405, \"topicality\": 0.8836405 },  
{ \"mid\": \"/m/062581\", \"description\": \"Sleeve\", \"score\": 0.8722252, \"topicality\": 0.8722252 },   
{ \"mid\": \"/m/019swr\", \"description\": \"Knee\", \"score\": 0.8650081, \"topicality\": 0.8650081 },  
{ \"mid\": \"/m/01j04m\", \"description\": \"Thigh\", \"score\": 0.858148634, \"topicality\": 0.858148634 },    
{ \"mid\": \"/m/01vm1p\", \"description\": \"Elbow\", \"score\": 0.834722638, \"topicality\": 0.834722638 }]';  

This is JSON data in string format (equivalent to JSON.stringify() in JavaScript). Before proceeding to map data, we should first generate a valid JSON object out of the string input. We can replace "/" and "\" with space. Here is the code.

set @json = REPLACE(@json,'\','');  
set @json = REPLACE(@json,'/','');  

 SQL has the in-built method "OPENJSON" to convert a JSON object to row and column format. Let's see the output.

select * from OPENJSON ( @json ) ;   


Here "type" refers to the data type of JSON data. For more info about OPENJSON, here is a link to MSDN.

Now, we have to parse the value column into the SQL column. We can do so by using the below query.

select *  FROM    
 OPENJSON ( @json )    
WITH (  
  mid varchar(10) '$.mid',  
  description varchar(max) '$.description',  
  score nvarchar(20) '$.score',  
  topicality float '$.topicality'  
select @desc as Description  

Here $.mid,$.description, $.score, and $.topicality are JSON properties. Based on your JSON property name, you need to replace it.


We can copy these records to a SQL table as below.

insert into jsondata (mid,description,score,topicality)   
select mid,description,score,topicality  
 OPENJSON ( @json )    
WITH (  
  mid varchar(10) '$.mid',  
  description varchar(max) '$.description',  
  score nvarchar(20) '$.score',  
  topicality float '$.topicality'   
select * from jsondata;  

I am trying to insert JSON data into existing SQL table records. 



We can map No-SQL data to a SQL data table using the predefined method, "OPENJSON." I hope this article is helpful to you. Thank you for spending the time to read it. I am always open to any input or suggestions. Thank you!

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