Handle JSON Data In SQL

In today's development world we are exposed to both SQL and No-SQL database operations. At some point we may need to map a JSON data to SQL table . Here is an article to parse JSON in SQL. Let's start. 
Suppose front-end /client sends JSON data in string format. Define a variable to store the JSON string as below.
  1. DECLARE @json nvarchar(max) ;  
  2. //input from client  
  3. set @json = N'[{ \"mid\": \"/m/01dvt1\", \"description\": \"Joint\", \"score\": 0.975906968,   
  4. \"topicality\": 0.975906968 }, { \"mid\": \"/m/0dzf4\", \"description\": \"Arm\", \"score\": 0.9426941, \"topicality\": 0.9426941 },   
  5. { \"mid\": \"/m/01ssh5\", \"description\": \"Shoulder\", \"score\": 0.936277151, \"topicality\": 0.936277151 },    
  6. { \"mid\": \"/m/035r7c\", \"description\": \"Leg\", \"score\": 0.925112, \"topicality\": 0.925112 },  
  7. { \"mid\": \"/m/01d40f\", \"description\": \"Dress\", \"score\": 0.920576453, \"topicality\": 0.920576453 },   
  8. { \"mid\": \"/m/02p0tk3\", \"description\": \"Human body\", \"score\": 0.8836405, \"topicality\": 0.8836405 },  
  9. { \"mid\": \"/m/062581\", \"description\": \"Sleeve\", \"score\": 0.8722252, \"topicality\": 0.8722252 },   
  10. { \"mid\": \"/m/019swr\", \"description\": \"Knee\", \"score\": 0.8650081, \"topicality\": 0.8650081 },  
  11. { \"mid\": \"/m/01j04m\", \"description\": \"Thigh\", \"score\": 0.858148634, \"topicality\": 0.858148634 },    
  12. { \"mid\": \"/m/01vm1p\", \"description\": \"Elbow\", \"score\": 0.834722638, \"topicality\": 0.834722638 }]';  
 This is a JSON data in string format (equivalent to JSON.stringify() in JavaScript). Before proceeding to map data, first we should generate a valid JSON object out of the string input. We can do that by replacing "/" and "\" with space. Here is the code.
  1. set @json = REPLACE(@json,'\','');  
  2. set @json = REPLACE(@json,'/','');  
 SQL has in-built method "OPENJSON" to convert a JSON object to row and column format. Let's see the output.
  1. select * from OPENJSON ( @json ) ;   
Here "type" refers to data type of JSON data. For more info about OPENJSON, here is a link MSDN.
Now, we have to parse value column into SQL column. We can do so by using below query.
  1. select *  FROM    
  2.  OPENJSON ( @json )    
  3. WITH (  
  4.   mid varchar(10) '$.mid',  
  5.   description varchar(max'$.description',  
  6.   score nvarchar(20) '$.score',  
  7.   topicality float '$.topicality'  
  8. )  
  9. select @desc as Description  
Here $.mid,$.description, $.score and $.topicality are JSON properties. Based on your JSON property name , you need to replace it.
We can copy these records to a SQL table as below.
  1. insert into jsondata (mid,description,score,topicality)   
  2. select mid,description,score,topicality  
  3. FROM    
  4.  OPENJSON ( @json )    
  5. WITH (  
  6.   mid varchar(10) '$.mid',  
  7.   description varchar(max'$.description',  
  8.   score nvarchar(20) '$.score',  
  9.   topicality float '$.topicality'   
  10. );  
  11. select * from jsondata;  
Here, i am trying to insert JSON data to an existing SQL table records. 


We can map No-SQL data to a SQL data table using SQL predefined method , that is "OPENJSON". I hope this article is helpful for you. Thanks you for spending time to read it. I am always open for any input or suggestion. Thank you!

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