How To Change Splash Screen Image In Windows Universal App


Universal Windows app creates one single app that runs on all Windows devices, such as Windows Phone, Local Machine, IoT, Xbox, and HoloLens. The splash screen is the image that shows up when we start the app. The default splash screen carries an image of x symbol, so that we can change it with our own image.


  • Visual Studio 2015 Update 3

The following steps are needed to be followed in order to replace the splash screen in UWP app.

Step 1 - Go to Visual Studio. Open New Project.

Select New Project --> Installed -->Templates--> Visual C# --> Windows.

Next, select Universal-->choose Blank App (Universal Windows).

Now, give your project a name (Ex: sample), and choose the path of your project.


Step 2 - Select the Target version and Minimum version for this app.

Target Version: Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (10.0,Build 14393)

Minimum Version: Windows 10 (10.0:Build 10586)


Step 3 - Now, design your page. 

Go to the Solution Explorer window. In Solution Explorer, you have all the pages, all assets, and all images that exist in your project source. Next, double click to open the MainPage.xaml which is the main page of your project.


Step 4 - After opening the MainPage.xaml, choose the design window.

Go to the Toolbox window where you have all types of tools and controls for designing. You can choose TextBlock. The TextBlock is called label also. Drag and drop the TextBlock in your MainPage.xaml.


Step 5 - Next, go to the Properties window. There, you have all tools and controls to select the properties. Choose TextBlock properties. Now, edit the text in TextBlock (Ex: Splash Screen).


Step 6 - Next, run your project.

Go to the top ribbon and click on the Local Machine icon. Here, you can select any device that you want to run your app in. 



It takes some time in building your app.

In the output window, the splash screen shows in the green color.


Step 7 - Next, change the splash screen image.

Go to the project path similar to this one.This  PC/DOCUMENTS/Projects/splashscreen/splashscreen/Assets). Here, you can see the default splash screen image. You need to have the size and format of the image.

splash screen

Step 8 - Next, Replace the default splash screen image with your desired one. Don't forget to put it in same name, size, and format as the default screen.


Step 9 - Next, run your project again.

Now, you can see that the splash screen has been changed.

re run


In this article, we learned how to change the splash screen image of UWP app.  

Thanks for reading.

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