How To Connect Arduino Joystick In Arduino Uno


In this article, I am going to explain about how to connect Arduino joystick in Arduino Uno. I am going to execute how the joystick will work with Arduino.
Parts of lists
  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino joystrick
  • Hook-Up wires. 
Parts Explanation

Arduino joystick
  • Arduino joystick is a device which can be used to measure the X-axis,Y-axis and Z-axis direction. It is also called  the game console. It can be considered as the combination of potentiometer and one button.

    Figure 1 - Arduino Joystick.
  • Connection to Arduino and Arduinojoystick.
  • Connect Vcc of joystick pin to the 5v of Arduino Uno.
  • Connect Gnd of joystick pin to the Gnd of Arduino Uno.
  • Connect I Rx of joystick pin to the 0 of Arduino Uno.
  • Connect I RY Vcc of joystick pin to the 1 of Arduino Uno.
  • Connect SW of joystick pin to the 2 of Arduino Uno.

    Figure 2 - Connection 
  1. Count int SW - Pin = 2;  
  2. Count intX - Pin = 0;  
  3. Count intY - Pin = 1;  
  4. Void Setup() {  
  5.     PinMode(SW - Pin.INPUT);  
  6.     digitalwrite(SW - Pin, HIGH);  
  7.     Serial.begin(115200);  
  8. }  
  9. Void loop() {  
  10.     Serial.print("Switch: ");  
  11.     Serial.Print(4 digitalread(sw - pin));  
  12.     Serial.print(\n);  
  13.     Serial.print("X-axis: ");  
  14.     Serial.print(analogread(X - axis));  
  15.     Serial.print("Y-axis: ");  
  16.     Serial.print(analogread(Y - axis));  
  17.     Serial.print("\n\n");  
  18.     delay(500);  
  19. }  
  • Joystick can show the direction i.e. the movement, which we had given, then it will show in the Serial monitor at what direction it was moving.
  • Subsequently, it can be used for the major realtime projects like using truck and traffic signal direction etc.

                                                                  Figure 3 - Output


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