How To Export An Azure SQL Database With The Azure Portal


  • Azure account.

Now, let's get started with the following steps.

Export an Azure SQL database

Sign in to the online Microsoft Azure Portal.


Open your existing database on Azure portal. In the SQL Database blade, click Export to open the 'Export database blade'.


In the Export database blade, enter your export file name,click Storage Settings, then select your storage account for exporting the database.

Now, create new blob container or select an existing blob container where the BACPAC will be stored.


Then, click Select.

Now, select your authentication type and enter the appropriate authentication credentials for Azure SQL server containing the database we are exporting. Finally, click OK to archive the database. Clicking OK creates an export database request and submits it to the service. 

The length of time the export operation will take, depends on the size and complexity of your database and service level.
Finally, we will receive a notification.