How to Install WDS in Server?


In this article, I’m going to show you how to install Windows Deployment Services on Server 2019 in the proper method and easiest way.

What are Windows deployment services?

Windows Deployment Services (WDS) was a server technology from Microsoft that allowed for the network-based deployment of Windows operating systems.

It was the successor to Remote Installation Services (RIS) and was designed to simplify and automate the process of installing Windows on multiple computers.

Benefits of using WDS

  • Reduced complexity and cost: WDS could save time and money by automating the Windows installation process.
  • Centralized management: You could manage all of your Windows deployments from a single server.
  • Scalability: WDS could be used to deploy Windows to a large number of computers.

Installing WDS in the Server

Step 1. On your server dashboard click “add roles and features”.

Add role and features

Step 2. Come to server roles and click “Windows deployment services”.

Select roles

Step 3. Click “add features”.

Add features

Step 4. Click “Next” until installing process.

Click on next

Step 5. Click “Install”.

Confirm installation selections-

Step 6. On your server dashboard click “tools” after clicking “Windows deployment services”.

Windows deployment service

Step 7. Enlarge the server and select your server’s name after right-clicking on your server then click “Configure server”.

Configure server-

Step 8. Click “next”.

Before you begin-

Step 9. Click “standalone server” after clicking “next”.

Standalone server

Step 10. Click “next”.

Remote installation folder location-

Step 11. Click “next”.

Proxy DHCP server-

Step 12. Click “respond to all client computers (known and unknown) then click “next”.

Pxe server initial settings

Step 13. Click “finish”.

Take progress

Step 14. Right-click on “install image” then click “add install image”.

Window deployment service

Step 15. Click “next”.

Image group

Step 16. Click “Browse”.

Click browse

Step 17. Select your operating system’s INSTALL.WIM.

Install wim

Step 18. Click “next”.

File location

Step 19. Click “next”.

Available images

Step 20. Again click “next”.


Step 21. Click “next”.

The operation is complete

Step 22. Next, right-click on “boot image” after clicking “add boot image”.

Add boot image-

Step 23. Click browse and the same steps of the INSTALL part after clicking “next”.

Install part after click

Step 24. Once added click “finish”.

Click finish-

Step 25. After right-clicking on your server’s name and selecting “all tasks” click “start.

All tasks-

Note. Now you can see our server deploys the WDS services.

Loading files


In this article, we all clearly understand how to install Windows Deployment Services on Server 2019 in the proper method and easiest way. If there is clarification regarding this topic, feel free to contact me.

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