How to Resize an Image Using Paint in Windows 10


Microsoft Paint has been the main Microsoft Windows component since the very beginning. Paint has a very efficient resizing tool.
In this article, we will see some steps and screenshots that show the procedure to resize an image using paint in Windows 10.
Here’s how to use it.
Step 1
Right-click on the image you want to resize or edit and select Open with > Paint.
Demo image
Step 2
When you open the image with Paint, in the image toolbar there is an option to resize the image. Now as we can see, we have the "Resize" option and click on it.
Demo image1
Step 3
"Resize and Skew" window will appear on the screen, then choose the settings that suit you, let’s begin with
A) The percentage will let you resize your image in a proportional way. We don’t recommend resizing your image below 50% for both horizontal and vertical.
Demo image2
B) Pixels will let you decide the exact number of pixels you want horizontally and vertically. It’s pretty useful if you want to adjust the photo to an exact resolution. Then, click on "OK" buttonto proceed.
Demo image3
1) In both methods, Skew(Degrees) makes you able to control a diagonal stretching/shrinking.
Demo image4
2) Make sure you check (select) the "Maintain aspect ratio" if you want to keep the same ratio length * width.
Demo image6
Step 4
If you want to replace the original photo with the one you modified, select "Save" from the file menu. (Alternatively, you can press the "Ctrl + S" key to save a file).
Demo Image7
Step 5
If you want to save a modified copy while keeping the original one, select "Save as" from the file menu.
Demo Image8
Step 6
A new pop window will appear on the screen. Then, give a file name and choose a location for it and click on the "Save" button.
Demo Image9


By following the above steps, the user can resize an image using paint in Windows 10.
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