How to Share a Drive and Mapping for Client User?


In this article, I’m going to show you how to share a drive and mapping that drive to a client user in the proper method and easiest way.

Before that we need to know what is the purpose of Sharing the Drive: Sharing a drive allows users to access, search, and share files between devices and computers. A shared drive can be owned and managed by a team or individual.

Step 1. Open your server’s drive create a new folder and name that folder.


Step 2. Right-click the created folder and go to “properties”.

Share folder

Step 3. Click “sharing”.


Step 4. Click network “share”.


Step 5. Click the arrow and after that click “Find people”.

Find people

Step 6. Type your user’s name and after clicking “check names” and ok, if you want to create a user please check my preview article for How to Create OU and Users Create in Server (

Check names

Step 7. Now you can give that user permission like read and write for a shared drive then after click “share”.

Network access

Step 8. Right-click on the shared file after clicking “copy link” and done.


Step 9. Come to your server manager click “tools” and after click “Active Directory Users and Computers”.

Server Management Dashboard

Step 10. Here click your shared user and after right click “Properties”.


Step 11. Click “profile” and after clicking the “Connect” option then choose the drive letter and past your copied shared folder link, click “apply” “ok”.

User profile


In this article, we all clearly understand how to share a drive and mapping for client users, in a proper method. If there is clarification regarding this topic, feel free to contact me.

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