How To Use Calendar App In Windows 10


In Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft changed the new look and functionality of the Calendar app. Calendar app can synchronize with your accounts like Google calendar, Outlook and so on. It helps to manage your work and personal schedule. With the Calendar app, you can see several calendars at the same time in one place. If you use a calendar, you will need to sign in with a Microsoft account.
Click the Calendar app and a dialogue box will open. The calendar will look, as shown below:

Switch to Mail

In the Switch to Mail, you will add the multiple accounts in the Calendar app and at this time, you will also send an E-mail, attached file.
When you click on the switch to mail, the dialogue box opens and you'll see the account setting to manage an account.


When you are in the Calendar app, choose the smiley icon on the navigation bar.
The Windows feedback page opens and chooses to add a new feedback button. The new feedback page will open and type the feedback that you are giving and click on the post feedback button.


In the settings, you will change the settings of all the Microsoft app & accounts. You will click on the setting icon and the dialogue box opens with new setting options such as Account, calendar settings, Trust Center, Feedback, About.
Features of the calendar in Windows 10-
• It is a Universal app.
• Calendar app is integrated with the mail.
• It supports multiple accounts.
• Its supports multiple views, including day, work week, week and month.


In this article, we learned about How To Use Calendar App In Windows 10.