How To Use Favorites Settings In Windows 10


In Microsoft, Windows 10 uses a new setting app for the most of its configurations. The user can easily access settings for an app from  the Start menu but we can also “pin” our favorite settings for an app for easy work. A “Pinned” app will directly appear in the Start menu.


To “Pin” your favorite setting, the user has to follow the steps, mentioned below.

Step 1

Open Start menu followed by Settings.


Step 2

In setting Windows, right click your favorite setting and it will open a small Window “Pin to start”.

Step 3

Left click on small Windows and select “Pin to Start”.


Step 4

Click yes to complete the process. Now, you can see the Account setting on Start menu.


You can pin specific settings by following the steps, mentioned below.

Step 1 

Select settings Windows from Start menu.


Step 2 

On settings Window, open Privacy.

Step 3 

On settings Window, right click on General.
Step 4 

From small Window, open Pin to start.
Step 5 

General setting will be pinned now to Start menu.
Unpin your favorite setting
We can remove any pin setting by right-clicking on it and selecting “Unpin from start” option.
Thus, you have learnws the steps to pin and unpin your favorites setting.